domenica 16 marzo 2008

Ascoltati questa settimana

SONIC ASSASSIN "Downfall of Aces", THE SICK ROSE "Faces" + "Blastin' Out", FOUR BY ART "Early Years 1982 - 1986", BIRDMEN OF ALKATRAZ "Glidin' Off" + "From The Birdcage", LE VALVOLE "Il Suo Problema", THE DIRTBOMBS "Ultraglide In Black" + "We Have You Surrounded", POWERTRANE "Beyond The Sound", X "Under The Big Black Sun", THE BEATLES "Stg Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band", THE STEMS "At First Sight",
THE KNACK "Get The Knack", THE URGES "Psych Ward", DEAD FLOWERS "Smell The Fragrance", WIRE "Pink Flag", DEVO "Q: Are We Men? A: We Are Devo", THE STOOGES "Raw Power"...

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