sabato 4 aprile 2009

Ascoltati questa settimana

THE FLESHTONES "Hexbreaker", MOTORAMA "Psychotronic Is The Beat!", THE OPEN MIND "The Open Mind", KIM SQUAD & DINAH SHORE ZEEKAPEERS "Young Bastards", WRECKLESS ERIC & AMY RIGBY "S/t", GIOVANNI FERRARIO "Headquarter Delirium",
NIKKI & THE CORVETTES "S/t", PIXIES "Doolittle", THE SICK ROSE "Floating", UNDERGROUND ARROWS "In With The In-Crowd", WRONG TURN "Nothing Grows From Scars", LOVE "Forever Changes", THE BYRDS "Fifth Dimension", BREEDERS "Last Splash", THE PRETTY THINGS "Get The Picture?", THE BLUES MAGOOS "Psychedelic Lollipop", ELECTRIC SHIELDS "Cry Baby Cry"...

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