domenica 18 novembre 2007

Ascoltati questa settimana

THE WHO "BBC Sessions", THE STEMS "Heads Up", SATANTANGO "Dice Not Included", THE HYDROMATICS "The Earth Is Shaking", B-BACK "In Time!", MC5 "Kick Out The Jams", DESTROY ALL MONSTERS "Bored!", THE CYNICS "Here We Are", ARETHA FRANKLIN "Aretha Now", OTIS REDDING "Otis Blue", P.J HARVEY "Dry", VIBRATORS "Pure Mania", SONIC ASSASSIN "Downfall of Aces" (pre-release), FUNNYDUNNY "S/t", AA.VV. "Wild Sound from the Past Dimension", BETTY DAVIS "Betty Davis", LED ZEPPELIN "II", TOM VERLAINE "Tom Verlaine", DEVO "Q: Are We Men? A: We Are Devo", WOODEN TIT "Return to Cinder", MOTORHEAD "On Parole", THE CYNICS "Living Is The Best Revenge", THE SHIMMYS "Drive You Wild"...

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