domenica 4 gennaio 2009

Ascoltati questa settimana

THE CHORDS "So Far Away", LEADFINGER "Rich Kids", OVERLORD "Second Coming", TUPELO "In The Fog", PENNY IKINGER "Electra", MOTORPSYCHO "Timothy's Monster", RITMO TRIBALE "Kriminale", AFTERHOURS "Pop Kills Your Soul", THE LIARS "Shake Your Head", STEEPLEJACK "Pow Wow", TUPELO "In The Fog", CELIBATE RIFLES "On The Quiet", STARFISH "Stellar Sonic Solutions", JESUS & MARY CHAIN "Psychocandy", THE CLASH "The Singles", THE TUNAS "We Cut Our Fingers In July", THE NERVES "One Way Ticket", RAMONES "Ramones", THE FLESHTONES "Beachhead"...

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