sabato 24 gennaio 2009

Ascoltati questa settimana

ARETHA FRANKLIN "Live at Fillmore West", "Lady Soul", THE FLESHTONES "Roman Gods", "Hexbreaker!", "Do You Swing?", "Beachhead", "More Than Skin Deep", "Take A Good Look", BOOHOOS "The Sun, The Snake and The Hoo", SONIC ASSASSIN "Downfall of Aces", JOHNNY THUNDERS & THE HEARTBREAKERS "L.A.M.F.", SIN CITY SIX "Sin City Six", CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL "Green River", UMBERTO PALAZZO E IL SANTO NIENTE "La Vita è Facile", CURTIS MAYFIELD "Curtis Live!", THE OTHERS "Everything's There", THE URGES "Psych Ward", BROTHER BRICK "A Portable Altamont", AA.VV. "Lucifer's Friends", AA.VV. "Gathered"...

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